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Our Mission

LexSwing's mission is to build, educate and sustain a dance community through the joy and preservation of swing dance culture.

Our Story

LexSwing Dance was established in 2014 by a group of swing dance enthusiasts looking for a community dance club in Lexington. We promote both the history and evolution of swing dance culture. We strive to be an environment for expression of creative talents, building positive friendships, and providing jazz education. We encourage our community members to become as involved as they want to be. We welcome those who wish to share their talents or learn new skills related to dancing, teaching dance, DJ'ing, event planning, photography, videography, graphic design, and many other facets of running a community dance club. 

Our Commitee

LexSwing Dance is primarily organized by a group of  dynamic individuals who work hard to organize community dances and facilitate fun and educational dance lessons. You can usually find committee members working the admission table, playing music at the DJ table, or teaching dance lessons.

Please feel free to contact the committee through our email or speak to one of us at a dance! 

Click here to check out a documentary of our group made by one of our community members 

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