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LexSwing Dance Community Expectations

An inclusive, safe, and enjoyable environment is our priority.

We uphold all community members to the following expectations:


1.   Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. If you have experienced harassment at a LexSwing event, please contact the LexSwing committee.

2.  Any person is welcome to initiate a dance, regardless of your role in the dance partnership as a leader or a follower. This should absolutely include a verbal form of asking your partner, "Would you like to dance?"

3.  Every dancer has the right to respectfully decline a dance invitation or to end a dance early for any reason. Recipients of a declination are not entitled to an explanation.

4.  Your role in a dance partnership is not defined by your gender or your gender identity. We welcome and encourage dancers to choose the role in which they feel most comfortable, which can include remaining as a solo dancer, or learning and participating in both roles. 

5. Dancers who do not show respect for others, or who appear to be a danger to themselves or others, will be asked to leave the premises. In correspondence with the policy of our venue, this includes any evidence of intoxication. 



Should you feel uncomfortable or unsafe while attending a LexSwing event, please speak to any LexSwing Committee member.

You may also send us an email to address your concerns.

Please see the resources listed below for additional information.

Swing Etiquette 

A Lindy Hopper's Etiquette

by the Holy Lindy Land Team

(link to original source of graphic below)

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Do not hesitate to contact the LexSwing Dance committee with any further questions or concerns:

Sourced from Swing Patrol London.
Link to original source.

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