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Kat Blum and Jon Fisk both caught the dancing fever at the University of Dayton. They started taking the world by storm through instruction in 2012 and love having the opportunity to share their passion for the dance and culture with others! Their number 

one goal for dance is, as Tigger says, “Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!” They love inventing new moves/sequences (have you seen the “Tommy Tornado”?!). There are numerous accolades between these instructors such as Top 3 finishes for both at the 2014 SwingIN Jack and Jill. They have competed and taught in various cities: 

Findlay, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Nashville, St. Louis, Oxford, Iowa City, and Notre Dame.

Jon and Kat truly believe that dance is a conversation and they both love talking (and listening, of course). The wonderful energy of their dances, along with their quirky senses of humor and upbeat personalities, keeps their classes lively. Asking them to social dance would definitely make their nights, so don’t be shy!

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